How Local Providers Use Family Help West Texas

Apr 12, 2022

Family Help West Texas and have made helping others easy. 

With access to your free Family Help West Texas account you can claim your program, manage your program’s information, access free reports, and determine your intake method.

Program Update Checklist:

  • Update your program description
  • Set the hours of operation
  • Add the correct contact information
  • And update the fields to reflect your work

Family Help West Texas is a versatile tool that allows you to determine the best way for a client to reach you. 

In your intake method you can:

  • Gather client information through an eligibility screener
  • Accept referrals from community partners
  • Director those in need to an application
  • Or have them reach out to you through a website or phone number

Knowing what you did and telling that story allows you to make informed decisions and share outcomes with your stakeholders. The Family Help West Texas platform allows you to track your program’s impact through free reporting. 

You will know:

  • Number of searches and from where
  • Number and status of referrals
  • And so much more!

Watch this 2 minute video to get the rundown; sign up here for more training.  


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