Make helping kids possible for your team.

Get certified as a Foster Friendly Workplace.

Employment policies don’t always support employees who are fostering children or growing their family through adoption. Like all parents, foster and adoptive parents need flexibility to meet the unique needs of children they care for. As an employer, you have a crucial role in helping community children in need – by supporting your employees who wish to serve them. Become a Certified Foster Friendly Workplace to show your commitment to your employees and your community.

Being a Certified Foster Friendly Workplace

We know you want to help your employees who foster and adopt but may not know how. One Accord for Kids surveyed foster and adoptive parents about what they need and created the Foster Friendly Certification.

As a certified workplace, you provide:

  • Time off for early family bonding just like birth families get
  • Access to childcare facilities and other family benefits
  • Flexibility to meet the unique needs of children in their care

By providing these benefits, your organization wins too:

  • Join a select group of local companies who are recognized by the community for their commitment to children
  • Show your employees who foster and adopt that you value them and what they are doing for the community
  • Increase the clarity and flexibility of your employment policies for all employees, and help One Accord for Kids increase the number of community members who have the flexibility to foster or adopt