Hi! My name is

Yazmina, Treazure, Treavyon, & Arriyah

My age is:

9, 7, 7, &3

About Me:

Yazmina, Treavyon, Treazure, and Arriyah have big personalities and enjoy spending time together! They are a friendly bunch that plays well together with each other and other kids. Yazmina is definitely the leader of the bunch and cares deeply for her siblings. Treavyon and Treazure share a special connection as they are twins are constantly looking out for one another. The twins both enjoy playing softball. Arriyah is the youngest and most independent child in the sibling group. She marches to the beat of her own drum but enjoys having tea parties with her siblings. Yazmina, Treavyon, Treazure, and Arriyah would really like an active family who loves the outdoors as much as they do and just likes to have fun. When it comes to a family pet, they will do great and enjoy any type of pet. These three children are looking to join a family who will give them frequent positive feedback for their successes.  Yazmina, Treavyon, Treazure, and Arriyah are ready to be hugged forever by their parents!

Yazmina, Treavyon, Treazure, and Arriyah’s forever family will be one that continues to encourage positive choices for the children, like the twins playing softball. Their family will provide consistent structure and supervision. They want a mom and dad who will show them affection, give them hugs, and who is able to keep up with their energy! Yazmina, Treavyon, Treazure, and Arriyah need parents who will talk with them about the past and provide nurture and reassurance for a bright future! They need parents who are ready and willing to show them love, guide them on making good choices, and take the time to explain things as they are learning. They need a family who can spend individual with them as well as do things together as a family!


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