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Talon is a smart and academically savvy young man. While he seems like he is all business he is quite comical and clever. Talon loves to learn and do things with his hands.

Talon enjoys reading, watching movies, playing video games, and even creating video games. He particularly enjoys Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, and Star Wars. Of course, this hands on young man he enjoys building legos. An evening “in” would be perfect for him but if he were to go out, smaller crowds would be his preference. He knows what he likes, his favorite color is Everglade Green and favorite drink is Ginger Ale.

Talon would love to learn new languages. He wants to learn German to further understand his cultural background and Spanish because he wants to travel. Talon also said he might have an interest in Martial Arts. 

Talon’s forever family will love him for the amazing young man that he is becoming. Building trust and teaching him how to belong to a family. They will need to be ready for intellectual discussions, support his interests, and be ready to help him navigate peer relationships. He loves to learn, so his forever family will need to join him on his quest to know. Ultimately, Talon is looking for parents that won’t give up on him and walk with him into manhood.

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