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About Me:

Rico is a very artistic and creative youth and one day hopes to attend art school. Cartoon strips and anime are preferred mediums but hopes to be a tattoo artist one day. Rico would best be described as funny, tall, heroic, smart, and cute. Rico would like to learn how to professionally apply makeup. Rico’s favorite movie is  A Silent Voice; favorite anime shows are the following: Black Butler, Naruto, and One Punch Man; and also likes to watch Korean dramas. Rico would love to go to an anime convention one day. With a very active imagination, Rico enjoys reading fantasy books, such as the Twilight book series. Rico loves to learn how to be creative and likes instructional crafting books. Beyond working on sketching, Rico would like to take as many art classes as possible to learn more techniques. If asked to go on vacation anywhere, Rico would like to go see the Northern Lights or pet a fox.

Rico’s forever family will be accepting, have an active lifestyle, and grant various opportunities for new experiences. Rico’s family will be a loving, nurturing, and patient family who will be understanding.


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