Credit: Dr. Andrew & Carla Wilson

Hi! My name is


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About Me:

“I want to get on a roller coaster!”


Reyes is an energetic and lovable boy with a big smile and an even bigger heart! He is full of energy, yet easy going, soft-spoken, and clever. When it comes down to it; he is a caring young man who just wants to play and have fun. He has a positive attitude when it comes to school and is a hard worker. He is friendly and makes friends easily.

Reyes is all boy, he enjoys: the outdoors, any playground, riding bikes, exploring, climbing, and playing sports. He loves animals, playing legos, video games, and music. Reyes also enjoys going to the zoo, going out to eat, watching funny movies, and skating. Some of his favorite places to eat are Panda Express and Red Lobster. He enjoys engaging in conversation and makes great company. While he is happy to help around the house but, like most boys his age, he would love to just play all day. 

One day, Reyes wants to go to a big carnival and get on all the rides. When he grows up, he would like to join the military so he can protect others.

He is ready to have a mom and dad who can show him affection and would love a family with pets! He wants parents that will take the time to learn about him and take him on adventures. He will thrive in a home that is highly structured and highly nurturing.  


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