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“I can’t wait to go to an NFL game one day!”

Rey is a kind and outgoing young man. He likes music and sang in the school choir.  He enjoys playing sports, especially football and is looking to try basketball and track next. Of course he enjoys hanging out with his friends and treasures the time he gets to speak with his siblings over Zoom. 

Being outdoors and animals have surfaced as a passion for him and wants to be a Game Warden when he gets older.

Rey is smart, does well in school, and reads above his grade level. 

He looks forward to being part of a family that pours their life into him day in and day out; showing him the strength of family bonds. Rey has many interests and with a little support from his forever family he can thrive. Just like any 12 year old, Rey likes to stay moving and busy so his family will need to be active and enjoy sports. Finally, Rey can be goofy and likes to joke around so he will fit right in with a family that has a good sense of humor.

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