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Louis is growing up to be a funny and outgoing young man! He is energetic, always ready for some fun and has a loving heart.  Louis is also beginning to have interest in his fashion and likes to be well kept. He also enjoys music and dancing.

Louis loves video games and can become competitive at them. He likes to go to the arcade but also enjoys miniature golf, water guns, and sports. He loves playing outside!  Louis likes many superheroes and superhero movies. Spider-Man tends to be his favorite and he often imitates the character and use his imagination to be a hero himself. Louis likes talking about his dreams and sharing his creative stories.   

He relates well with others, especially trusted adults in his life. He believes in those trusted adults in his life and holds their words dear to him. Louis ready to join his forever family and start to make his forever memories! When he dreams about his forever family, Louis sees a family who takes vacations with him and plays games to make memories. His forever family will support and continue a relationship with his twin brother as he grows up. The ideal family will encourage Louis to express himself and teach him to reach his goals. His family will relate to his high energy level and active personality. 

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