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London is a quiet boy who likes to read, which is something he does at night before he goes to bed. His favorite book is Bronxwood. London enjoys playing sports with his friends, and his favorite sport is basketball. With his friends he also enjoys playing card and board games. London takes pride in his appearance and cares about having nice shoes to wear. If he had a $100, he would like to buy a pair of new Airforce One sneakers. London has a strong work ethic which he puts to good use in order to earn extra money. He also has a funny sense of humor. London describes himself as being talented and a good swimmer. In his spare time, London enjoys playing Mario on his Switch and playing the online game, Roblox. He enjoys being outdoors and going bike riding. His favorite place to go is Jump World. He also really likes movies, especially the Marvel movie series. London is an animal lover and especially likes dogs.

London’s forever family will offer him unconditional love and affection. His family will provide him the structure and support he needs in order to be successful. They will demonstrate patience and make his dreams of having a forever family come true. His family will have a laidback parenting style with options for flexibility in the schedule. The ideal parenting style for London will be calm, neutral, and have a relaxed demeanor.

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