Credit: Conrad Coleman

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Jasmine is one in a million! She is a big hearted, country girl. Some of her favorite things are horses, cowboy boots, reading, and music! She is very friendly and likes to chit chat. She enjoys playing video games, suspenseful shows, and loves animals. She loves dogs and would like to have a dog that can sleep with her at night. She has a little bit of experience with other farm animals like horses, chickens, and goats. In school, she actively participates and enjoys learning. She can be helpful around the house and likes to help cook dinner. She likes doing her make up and has an interest in her own sense of fashion. Although she seems girly she is also well rounded and likes to play outside. She loves to ride her bike. She would like to be a part of a basketball team or a club in school. She is ready to be adopted by a family that is active and has a little bit of country style to them.

Jasmine would like a family who is adventurous, active, and willing to create exciting family memories with her. Her new forever family will be patient and flexible in order to work with her emotions. She wishes to be adopted by a family that can let her have the teenage experience and that will allow her to have a dog. She yearns to be loved and nurtured, and looks forward to having an amazing mother daughter relationship with her forever mom.


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