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About Me:

Jade has a very social and delightfully quirky personality. He is intrigued by Asian culture and would love to visit Japan to see the cherry blossoms bloom. He would also like to visit South Korea. He has plans on obtaining his driver’s license, and his dream car would be a 1969 Corvette Stingray that is black with gold trim. In the meantime Jade would be happy having a new bicycle to ride. Jade has big dreams and goals. He aspires to attend college and become a forensic anthropologist. He enjoys spending time with his friends. He has a highly creative mind and likes to be inventive. He is skilled at crafting which is shown through the various things that he has constructed throughout the years ranging from origami to arcade-style cardboard games. He also likes video games, particularly free roam games. Jade has a great sense of humor and is very funny and quick witted. He is an intelligent young man. He likes to research things that he is interested in. He presents himself as a confident and self-assured young man. He is a jokester and likes to banter with others. He enjoys reading in his spare time such as Sci-fi, anime, or Manga. He has a sweet and vulnerable side and likes to write songs. He has an affection for animals, especially dogs and cats. He is unlike a lot of other teenagers in that he likes to attend school. Jade’s passion is fishing, and he would love a family that would want to create family memories by taking fishing trips together.

Jade’s forever family will be experienced, structured, nurturing, and supportive. His forever family will be understanding and supportive of his needs. His ideal family will participate in any recommended supportive services with him. Jade’s family will provide unconditional love and patience as he adjusts to his new forever home.


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