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Gabreal has a great smile, loves to laugh. He likes to be helpful and has a big heart. He is a playful and active youth! He enjoys playing with other children his age, but also does well by himself. He enjoys the outdoors and any activity on the playground. His smile certainly brightens when he can go outside and play. Gabreal is a very curious and inquisitive child and often asks lots of questions. Gabreal loves to learn about the Army and says that when he grows up, he wants to be an “Army Man” as well as a police officer. 

Some of Gabreal’s favorite activities include playing with cars or action figures, playing sports especially football, and swimming.He loves playing games and playing with toys related to the Army. He is interested in participating in martial arts and boxing training in the future. Gabreal likes superhero movies and he often expresses his desire to become a big strong man.

Gabreal needs a family that is consistent, is ready for a big personality, and has a great sense of humor. When he dreams about his forever family, Gabreal sees a family who takes the time to listen to him and make him feel loved and wanted. He dreams about a family who he can have a real vacation with and make memories with him forever. His forever family will support and continue a relationship with his brothers, who would not be a part of this adoption, as he grows up. He does well with pets and will make a great brother and son.


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