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Cameron is a caring teenager with a big personality! He enjoys attending church and singing along with the choir. Music, he will tell you, is one thing that can always brighten his day along with reading his bible. Cameron might be considered an introvert but loves to go on outings to the park or play basketball. He is kind and respectful.  

Being a music lover, some of Cameron’s favorite bands are the Backstreet Boys and Michael Jackson. If he is anywhere and hears a favorite song, you will hear him singing along! When it comes to his favorite holiday, he picks Christmas because it is Jesus’ birthday. Cameron likes playing outside at the park, going on outings, and playing basketball. Indoors, he enjoys watching action movies, playing video games, and playing with Legos. He loves superheroes and of course enjoys watching cartoons. He particularly likes watching Ninjago. Like many boys his age, he enjoys snack time and is not a picky eater. His favorite food – you guessed it– is pizza. His favorite fast food is McDonald’s.

Cameron is open to trying new things and learning new skills like arts and crafts. He is beginning to dress up more and is working on self discipline. He would love to have a pet one day.

Cameron’s forever family will love him for who he is and be committed to walking with him as he steps into manhood. His forever family will need to be energetic and enjoy doing activities both inside and outside. Cameron will thrive in a well-structured environment with a routine. He hopes his forever family will show him love, individual attention, and maybe let him have a pet. 

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