Credit: Dr. Andrew & Carla Wilson

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“I want a family that gets my sense of humor.”

Bobby is an outgoing teenager. The people in his life say that he has a positive energy and enjoys having a good laugh with his friends. Bobby is respectful and well mannered, even when he is being playful and joking. Bobby does well in school. He has a positive attitude and looks forward to graduating high school. He maintains a great long distance relationship with his biological brother. 

Aside from joking around; he likes swimming, playing basketball, playing video games, and his tech. He enjoys music, with hip-hop being his favorite. He prefers the indoors and using technology. Like most teen boys, chores are not his favorite but does well with reminders. He is working on his follow through and improving on his social skills. 

He is focused on graduating high school and plans to work toward his career. Right now he sees himself working in the oil field or operating a train. 

Bobby has lots of love to give and has expressed his wish to one day have a family of his own! He is hoping for a forever family that will get his sense of humor and will take the time to understand him, building new family memories and trust. They will need to praise him and encourage him toward his educational and career goals as they guide him into adulthood. He will benefit well from a two parent family that are good role models and would make a great brother, as well. Routine and structure will be good for Bobby, giving him guidance with some of his day to day decisions. Bobby said that he wouldn’t mind having a pet in the family too.

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