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About Me:

Ari is a very artistic and creative youth. She would like to attend art school one day. Ari likes to draw cartoon strips and even wants to create anime for all ages when she grows up. She also has dreams of becoming a tattoo artist. Ari’s best friend would describe her as funny, heroic and smart. She would like to learn how to professionally apply makeup. Ari’s favorite movie is A Silent Voice. Her favorite anime shows are Black Butler, Naruto, and One Punch Man. She also likes to watch Korean dramas. Ari would love to go to an anime convention one day. She has a very active imagination and enjoys reading fantasy books such as The Twilight book series. Ari loves to learn how to be creative and likes instructional crafting books. She even knows how to make origami fortune tellers from reading a crafting book. Ari has learned how to sketch and would like to take as many art classes as possible to learn more techniques. If she could go on vacation, she would like to go see the Northern Lights or somewhere where she can pet a fox.

Ari’s forever family will be one where she has various opportunities for new experiences. Ari’s family will be loving and nurturing. Her family that will be understanding. She will benefit from a patient family as she adjusts to her new home, as well as a family who will offer her unconditional love.


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