Dr. Andrew & Carla Wilson

Hi! My name is

Ann Marie

My age is:


About Me:

I want to be a makeup artist!

Ann Marie is a sweet girl with a big heart and a beautiful smile! She is best described as a strong-minded girl with lots of determination. Ann Marie has a fun, energetic personality and enjoys staying active. She is known to be witty. 

She likes playing games, attending community events, and swimming in the summer. Ann Marie is an active teenager who enjoys new adventures and other things like hiking, biking, and any outdoor activity. She also likes to draw, craft, enjoys music, and really anything artsy. She is particularly interested in hair and make-up; and is best described as a “girly-girl.” Ann Marie does well academically and enjoys hanging out with her friends.

She has some interest in being a makeup artist when she grows up, but whatever it is she is eager to take over the world and show what she can do. She would like to learn photography.

Ann Marie is hoping for a family with two parents (but a single mom can be impactful as well) and would love siblings. She thinks it would be great to have a brother since she has not grown up around boys. Her forever family will need to be active, outdoorsy, and fun-loving. Like most children Ann Marie will thrive in a home with structure, an interest in learning about what makes her unique, and a deep desire to connect with her.

Don’t miss out on a fantastic young lady. 


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