Hi! My name is

Alex, Alan, & Adrian

My age is:

12, 10, & 8

About Me:

What great boys! 

Alex (12), Alan (10), and Adrian (8) are three brothers with big dreams and loving hearts! They love playing and living life together. 

Alex is a great big brother. He does well in school; his favorite subjects are math, reading, and writing. His favorite foods are pizza, tacos, and hamburgers. Inside, he likes to play with his action figures and legos. He collects football and Pokemon cards. One day, he hopes to have a pet. 

Alan is a sweet boy with a great smile and a caring heart. He is smart and gets along well with his peers. Alan enjoys playing soccer, football, and basketball. While he could play outside all day he still enjoys his video games. Fornite and Minecraft are his favorites. He also likes to collect Pokemon cards. He will tell you that he has the best time when he is playing with his siblings. His favorite meals are pizza, tacos, and hamburgers. 

Adrian is a smart boy with a big heart and lots of love to give! He is energetic, loves the outdoors, and likes to spend his time playing sports (basketball and soccer). Inside, he enjoys video games. Adrian’s favorite color is red and loves McDonald’s hamburgers. 

Alex, Alan, and Adrian are ready to be adopted and begin their future with their forever family that will love them unconditionally and show them a lot of affection. They want to go on family vacations to make long lasting memories. They will need a family that is committed to keeping them connected to siblings that are not part of this adoption.  This group of brothers will be a great addition to a loving and caring family who is ready for daily hugs, new stories, and many future adventures!


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