A New System of Care for West Texans

The West Texas region (Region 9) is a 30 county area that has been identified as one of the four proposed catchment areas that will transition to Community

Base Care by 2024. CBC is a new system of care that empowers communities to find permanency and stability for local children in foster care.

The Texas foster care system has been transitioning to CBC over the past several years. Fort Worth, Abilene, Wichita Falls, Lubbock, Amarillo, and San Antonio have already transitioned to this new system of care.

CBC is coming to Region 9 beginning in December 2021, giving West Texans the opportunity to build a local system of care that works for our kids and our community. Together we can make a difference.

“Community-Based Care cannot be the beginning of community responsibility for system-involved children but must be the product of intentional community collaboration. Comunity-level work by organizations like One Accord for Kids is crucial to laying the foundation on which to build this new system off care” – Honorable Jon Specia, former DFPS Commissioner 



  • Discuss with your agency
  • Organize or attend community meetings
  • Form community partnerships



  • Evaluate your organization’s role
  • Use data to assess community needs



  • Cross-system collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders- Education, Medical, Mental Health, Legal, Workforce, Community Foundations
  • Implement best practices and innovate across systems

Community-Based Care Timeline




  • Children are safe in care

  • Children and families are served in their communities

  • Siblings remain connected and together

  • Children achieve long term success in families and youth are prepared for adulthood

  • Children and youth in care experience normal, age-appropriate activities. 

  • Children, families, and communities have a voice